Wednesday, October 11, 2006


P(re) S(cript) : Written under the effect of a night spent peering at a blank computer screen and reflecting on why I do what I do, maybe some gentleman by the name of Freud deserves some credit as well.

[Warning] Gossip mongers and nosy pokers take note please, there's nothing in here you might be interested if THAT is why you're reading this, kindly make a hasty exit. Else, if you do have a little taste in life, read on...

She maybe a girl far away, or someone living just round the corner. She may be a person living, or lived, or yet to be born. She may not even exist at all, or maybe existing for eternity for me. She may not be a person I know, not a person I have met yet, she might just be a concept. She maybe a sister, a mother, a friend or no one at all, her existence maybe just a mere figment of my silly imagination.

But she lives through me...she lives in me.

She inspires, she creates, she loves, she nourishes, she brings out the best in me. She whispers love in my ears as I fall asleep, she dives into my dreams, and wakes me up gently from the sweet slumber each morning. I live with her aura all around me, protecting, caring and nurturing as ever. I work for her, write for her, create for her, think for her, live for her.

Maybe you do, too.

I love her. Absolutely. Madly.


  1. sahi hai...boss

    Happened with me in 11th class...yeah i am telling first human creature.(you)
    Donnow why. but probably you feel the same.....or atleast i feel that you felt the same when you pressed this post.

    She's my imagination...she lives far away....she is older than me....she does exists....but still she is a "Concept"...
    I live her..
    I think of her....
    Something runs through my blood..
    I think that's i live for...
    She gives me a chill that transpires through my spine...
    I donnow...but thinking of her makes me happy.
    I live so that this 'Sapna' of me meeting her becomes reality..

    'Har doosra chehra yahan soya soya hai...
    Aisa lage sabka kuch khoya khoya hai'

    Take care

  2. Yeah right. I have a 'She' too.
    And the description you gave is so correct. I hope that 'she' does exist.SCrew Cadbury and Nestle though.

  3. well saumu.....'she' exists for u.... and most probs she is someone whom u see everyday...:)....