Saturday, January 26, 2008

Have you "fallen" in love ?

Man falls in love.

Such a simple statement. Such a profound thought.

I mean, he literally "falls" in love. A "man", in love, is a "fallen" creature. Think about it. It does make sense.

My train of thought? Man "falls" in love. Hits the ground ("ground reality", literally) and finds out the true nature of human emotion. He can choose to stay there, down and out, or he may choose to use this experience for the rest of his life, remembering to "rise" from his present state to unheard-of heights.

It is thus not only important but prescribed to fall (face first, given an option) in love once and to hit the ground. It is only then that you will truly become free, for its only then that you will realise how to rise. To rise and to love yourself. To love yourself more than anyone else could love someone and more than anyone could be loved. It is then, that you will really end up being happy.

Have you "fallen" yet?