Saturday, July 08, 2006



Just say yes, and I shall wait.
Just say yes, write my fate.
Just say yes, I want you to.
Just say yes, and say it true.

I shall wait, and wait for you.
I shall wait, till you're through.
I shall wait, from now to ever.
I shall wait, and hope forever.

Completed Saturday, July 08 2006, 05:27 A.M.

Write my fate...Just say yes.

Me in suuuuuper romantic mode these days. This poem was an old one but incomplete. Today I got down to complete it and published it here just to add to the whole romance.

Did something happen? I dunno.
Did someone say something? I dunno.
Did I think that someone said something? I dunno.

Man, romance kills reason! But whaddaheck, its soooo goooooood!!!

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