Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Really Crap Post...

Well, there comes a time on every blog page when the author loses the interest [slash] time [slash] energy [slash] inclination [slash] incentive to post new material on the blog.

Having said that, I must say, I haven't !!!

So I come up with an absolute crap post like this to bugger all of you (umm...that makes me wonder if "all of you" isn't a bit of exaggeration, I mean, how many from the homo sapiens clan would actually read my blog, by the way?)

Also, since I have set down to "blog", then why not me talk about something interesting. How about an advice post. Or maybe a DIY post. Hmm, DIY is good (you see I am making this all up as I am typing, and I have made a promise to myself that I will not step back and delete anything that I have typed, so all this, folks is impromptu typing that you are reading all along!)

So where were we? Yes, the DIY post.

SO that raises a very pertinent question, what is it that the whole world might need a DIY for, especially coming from me? Thinking of what, I get a perfect idea. So here it is people, the DO IT YOURSELF for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, commonly known as DIYAEWWW. (Not a very pleasing acronym no? Well they say that appearances are deceptive, read the theory that follows now)

So, DIYAEWWW. Here it is.

Step 1. Think it.
Step 2. Do it.
Step 3. Forget it.

That is all about it. In those 6 words I have summarised all my knowledge gathered so far from anything that I have learned. Am open to dicussion on this. Really. Call me up, chat up with me, drop me a message, a comment. I'll make sure you get the theory.

This post started out as a crap post, but now I am wondering, if it really is ending as one. I have ACTUALLY compressed everything I knew in those 3 steps. And I am not trying to be funny here.

Give it a thought, it might strike you sometime. If it doesn't, I am there to hit you with the reality. Try me.


  1. Forget it??Really?? i agree on d never-have-any-regrets rule, but, wont forgetting lead to missing the point.wats d point, really, if we r to forget it eventually?

  2. @Himani : First off, thanks for making me realise that people DO read my blog :)

    About the forgetting part, what I follow is not to worry about the consequences/results/outcomes as long as you do a good job. the results are immaterial. So, "forget" actually was meant in that sense.