Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Friendship, Love, Marriage...

I dunno what made me write this, but then I AM writing this.

**If I love you, then it doesn't really mean that I expect you to love me. I know this.

**If you don't love me as of now, I'll wait till either (a) you begin to love me, or (b) you marry someone else. I will wait.

**If you love me as well, then too, we may still not end up marrying. I realise this.

**(By some strange whim of mine,) I would want to marry you, but it is too early to finalise anything. I accept this.

**If we end up marrying, we are supposed to be happy. I am not promising this, but honestly, I know, we will try, IF we end up marrying that is.

**There are a lot of "if"s here, but I do know one thing is certain...I would love you no matter what...It is the way I am made, and I really can not do anything about it, and frankly speaking, I don't WANT to do anything about it.

Confused?...Well, here's a hint. This message is for a very special person (SP), and you see this blog is one way to reach out to her. If you are not that SP, RELAX! You are fortunate that I ain't after you. (Trust me, if SP could testify, you would consider yourself lucky!)

Most of the rational people in this world would agree to this chronological order of Friendship turning into Love which moves on to Marriage. Unfortunately, Love Corrupts Rationality and thus I am of the view that SP caused me to think about marriage to her, which drew me close to see if we could be friends. Love is another issue altogether.

Atul tells me (and probably the only meaningful thing I have learnt from him) is that professing your love to the object of one's affection is something one should do at the earliest, but expecting the same in return is just not good. Love grows if it aint there, but it needs space to grow, and still it may not grow with a particular set of individuals. So should that mean that I don't befriend SP? Or that our friendship is of no consequence? No, aint so. We are friends, and we remain so, no matter what happens. Getting married to SP could be the most wonderful thing that would have happened to me, but then it is only a wish. (As a child I "wished" to become a Truck Driver! Thankfully my father got the better of me and I ended up in engineering) It is a wish that I will cherish and nurture as long as I can hope. But the bond of friendship shall remain, through thick and thin, just like all my buddies.

See ya!


  1. yaar, hmm, those were my thoughts once, mayb still are.
    shucks, its crazy ain't it.
    but then, even then, even after u know that its crazy, well, its goooooooooooooood.
    crazy eh :P

  2. Chandrashekhar Tiwari3:12 AM, July 11, 2006

    very nicely written..and thats how it happens with everyone who loves some bdy..bottom line is to give other person enough time to think over it..once ur done telling ur feelings about him/her....the ball is in his/her court..

  3. Ahem ahem...snt secy ji...wish u all d best for ur SP..:)

  4. well all u said it true n may b life gets a better scope to live when we give new definitions to each relationship & establish their horizons... u did a gud job here also :)

  5. Why can't everyone be as impatient and insensitive as me? I don't get it.