Monday, September 08, 2014

Zindagi mein toh sabhi pyaar kiya karte hain ...

All of us
... fall in love,
... at least once,
... in a span of a lifetime.

I did too.

Over Again.

But now I have found you.
I have found you and I will keep you.
As you have found me.
And would want to keep me (like I want too).

There were ones before you, you know.
Ones whom I had loved when love was still pure in our hearts
When we were young and innocent, when we were mad and careless
When the worries of the world had not crept into our minds - I had loved them then.

We are now grown-ups with goals, with plans, with risks and responsibilities
With worrisome minds and packed calendars. We are now older and wiser (ha!)
How I wish sometimes that you met me back then, back then when I was The One
The one you love today is but a dark shadow of old, a semblance of the past.

A ripple.
An offshoot.
A bleak reminder of what was, and what could have been.

But here is what I can promise you.
You will be loved.
Come rain or shine, pain or pleasure.
In good days and bad,
Whether I am buried in work, or buried underground.
You will be loved.
Like no one has ever been loved before.

That, I promise.

... Main toh mar kar bhi, meri jaan, tujhko chaahoonga.

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