Sunday, December 30, 2007

If you can't return it, just throw it back ...

Give me back my love, my love.
If you can’t return it, just throw it back
But just don’t keep it with you like that

It’s all that I had that I gave to you
But maybe the meaning did not come through
So now that you don’t need it, just pass it back

It's not meant for a public view
So it wouldn’t suit your showcase
or your mantle-rack

Nor akin a library book overdue
That’s tossed in a corner untold
And lost under heaps
And heaps of memories old.

It is worth a bit more than that
As much as you may not realise
It is worth a man’s dreams, joys, sorrows,
Everything he is at
It is worth a man’s life.

I am without, and so I am not
‘coz I need what you’ve got
So just pass me back my love, my love
You can’t return it, so just throw it back.
But give me back my love, my love
That is one thing I need, to be.


  1. Wow! This is wonderful. Not that I have much understanding of poems but the whole idea seems so wonderful.

  2. more comments i m feeling out of words for this...

  3. dude, its beautiful, and overflowing with venom at that. but i guess that's what u wanted to do in the first place :P

  4. nice work man,,,