Saturday, May 19, 2007

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

Dear Reader,

This is meant to be a goodbye post. The author of this blog shall not be writing anymore, there won't be any more posts/material on this blog henceforth.

Here's a thank you for bearing with me all the time, and here's hoping I resume this activity soon, sometime in my life. But as things stand now, there's nothing to say, nothing to think, nothing to discuss, absolute zilch. I have a few drafts handy, maybe in my effort to clean up my baggage I'll complete those as I go along, but yes, officially, no more stuff to be blogged.

Saumyasez no more.


  1. Dude!! I really admire what u write. Now that u have decided to give it a break it is all up to u but i hope u come back to ur writing ways sooner rather than that iit is over for us we wud love to see some more general blogs bout life in general. I wish u come back with a bang :-)

  2. Oh! So you are taking a break from blogging? Well I just checked your comment on my blog today and came here to reply and found out you've taken off. Anyways All the best for you future endavours!