Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A compliment?

Today I was talking to one of my friends about (who else?) myself when he said this about me vis-à-vis another common friend of ours.

"People like you are meant to change the world, but people like him were made to survive in it"


I really don't know if I should take it as a compliment or a judgement. Any ways, it was quite thought-provoking. So much merges into what I am into these days, self realisation (/mockery /denial /discovery /pity) All things self, though.


  1. from all ur posts these days the situation which u r in is coneveyed to me is exactly the same that i am in right now...believe me i can relate to ur words as much as you do except the love part:)

    do keep writing frequently...it gives a vent to my thoughts too .....

  2. @ anon : sit back and relax buddy, there's much more beyond all this, I am realising it as time is passing.
    by the way, try to keep your memories of these days alive, write a blog or do something. just don't bury this as a bad patch of your life. it is as important to remember the sad times as it is to remember the happy times.