Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Ironic IM Conversation...

[He] : Hi!
[She]: Hello.
[He] : Fine?
[She]: Fine.
[He] : Fine!
[She]: O.K.
[He] : Bye?
[She]: Yes.
[He] : Yes?
[She]: Yes.
[He] : Fine.
[She]: Yes.
[He] : Fine?
[She]: Yes, bye.
[He] : Awww shucks, bye.
[She]: What happened?
[He] : Nothing...
[She]: Why the "Awww shucks"?
[He] : Nothing.
[She]: Tell me, tellme tellme tellme.
[He] : Its nothing...
[She]: No, there definitely is something, you are hiding something from me.
[He] : No, my dear, I am not.
[She]: No I get it, you don't want to talk. Look you don't even respond properly to my messages!
[He] : Is it so?
[She]: Now don't play funny, you are definitely avoiding me (sniff,sob!)
[He] : :|

At this point "He" disconnects and gets back to watching cricket on Television, while "She" rushes to a friend seeking advice on how to tackle a difficult boyfriend.

Ladies are a strange lot.


  1. At the CC Canteen

    She: Can I have my tea with you?
    Me: Sure, if you are paying for it.
    She: What!! Cheapstake or sick?
    Me: Both.
    She : Huh. Neway dya know what Prof. Bala taught today?
    Me: Who's Prof. Bala?
    She : Our XYZ Instructor!! God
    Me: Are we in the same batch? Do I know you? Who am I? What's this place? Tra la la la la

    And she went away frustrated. :D

  2. lol

    btw, I've abandoned my earlier blog. The new one is http://ankitrohatgi.blogspot.com There's nothing on it rt now... let's see if I get any blogging vibes at Hazira :)